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Communications Committee

Under the direction of staff in the Community Restructuring Branch of the Department of Environment and Local Government, the Communications Committee for a rural community feasibility study is responsible for the preparation of materials with which to inform project area residents about their community restructuring options. These materials may be in the form of newsletters, a website, a Blog, email notices, mail-outs, talks/lectures, video clips and press releases.

The Communication Committee also sets up the tools that are used in the study to receive input and/or feedback from residents of the project area. All feedback from project area residents, that includes the names and addresses of the individual, will be responded to and will be shared with the Minister of DELG in the feasibility study report.

The members of the YRC Project Feasibility Study Communications Committee are:
• Debby Peck (Chair)
• Leitha Fraser
• Ron Smith
• Suzanne Langmaid
• David Coburn (ex officio)
• Katelynn Everett
• Lee Everett
• Marlien McKay
• Steve Hildebrant