Riverside Resort at French Village


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YRC Project – Plebiscite Preparation Phase

Schedule of Education Events in the YRC Project Area

(Note – Everyone will be welcome at all events; the neighbourhoods are mentioned just to show what area the event location is nearby).
September 17Open House at York Centennial Park 1439 Route 105
(neighbourhoods of Mactaquac, Lower Queensbury, Keswick Ridge residents) 1 - 3 pm
September 18Open House at Valley Ridge Furniture, 3672 Route 102
(neighbourhood of Valley View Estates) 7 - 9 pm
September 19Open House at North Cardigan United Church, 3040 Route 620
(neighbourhoods on Route 620 and Napadogan) 6:30 – 8 pm
September 21Open House at Green Hill Lake Camp, 40 Green Hill Lake Rd, Bright
(neighbourhoods of Howland Ridge, Hainesville, Upper/Lower Stone Ridge, Vinegar Hill) 6:30 – 8 pm
September 23Open House (at a community breakfast put on by Keswick Valley Rec Council) at KV Rec Centre 1262 Route 104
(neighbourhoods of Zealand, Burtts Corner, Hainesville, Upper Keswick, Upper/Lower Stone Ridge) 7 – 9 am
September 23Open House (booth at a KVRC Keswick Comes Together event) at KV Rec Centre, 1262 Route 104
(neighbourhood of Burtts Corner and Upper Keswick) 1:30 – 3:30 pm
September 25Open House at Everett Family Orchard, 3900 Route 102
(neighbourhoods of Island View, Lower Kingsclear and French Village) 7 – 9 pm
September 27 Open House at Riverside Resort, 35 Mactaquac Road, French Village
(neighbourhood of Oswald Gray Subdivision and River View Subdivision) 7 – 9 pm
September 28Open House at Duplessis Farm 1366 Route 105
(neighbourhood of Route 105 from City Limits to Keswick Landing) 6:30 – 8 pm
September 30Open House (at Breakfast put on by Keswick Ridge community volunteers) at Keswick Ridge Community Hall 86 Route 616
(neighbourhoods of Keswick Ridge, Tripp Settlement) 7 – 10 am
October 4Presentation to Keswick Ridge Historical Society members at their Museum on Keswick Ridge
October 6Presentation to Men’s Breakfast (at Keswick Ridge United Church)
October 10Neighbourhood gathering at a resident’s home, St. Charles Ct.
(neighbourhoods of Upper Kingsclear (north) and Eagle’s Ledge) 7 – 9 pm
October 11Open House at the Douglas Baptist Church, 1012 Route 105
(neighbourhoods of Carlisle Road and Lower Douglas) 7 – 9 pm
October 12Open House at Mactaquac Lodge, Mactaquac Provincial Park, Route 105
(neighbourhoods of Scotch Settlement, Route 615, Mactaquac, Lower Queensbury) 7 – 9 pm
October 14Open House (information booth) at a vendor’s event at Burtts Corner Lion’s Club
(neighbourhood of Burtts Corner) 9 – 11 am
October 14Parking Lot Drop-In at Keswick Landing on Yerxa Lane
(neighbourhoods on Route 104 from Keswick Landing to Pughs Crossing) 2 - 4 pm
October 17Open House (with guest speaker David Wiezel, first Mayor of New Maryland) at Keswick Ridge Community Hall, 86 Route 616
(neighbourhood of Keswick Ridge, Tripp Settlement) 7 – 9 pm